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Weekend reading 3/27/22 | Centsational style

So my friends, I’m back from our trip to Florida. We saw and learned a lot! I’ve been to the area before so I knew the town I might want to live in but not the neighborhood so we drove around a lot and looked at houses you might have seen on my Instagram stories.

Both Matt and my son loved the area, so we’re getting things started for a move to Florida this summer. My daughter could go to university there, that would be amazing (she still chooses schools). All of this means I have three months to prepare, pack up and head across the country in July. Wow, are you talking about a *huge* change for all of us.

I’ll be writing more about why we made this decision in the future, there are multiple reasons, but I’ll wait and see where this goes and reveal more as the changes materialize.

Favorite links of the week:

This beautiful renovation with a gorgeous kitchen and a magic door under the stairs!

This airy home in suburban Sydney is filled with light and texture.

I would linger for hours on the deck of this coastal inspired home.

This modern art deco apartment renovation with beautiful light in the conservatory.

I’m inspired by the transitions from inside to outside in this house.

My new favorite aged brass house numbers.

A creative way to display cutting boards.

Tips for keeping herbs fresh in the fridge.

This wedding dress is just perfect for her Maui wedding.

This hotline is the best idea ever.

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