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Sonoma Kitchen Remodel | Centsational style

This latest kitchen renovation is located in a Sonoma Valley home surrounded by oak and olive trees and rolling hills covered with vineyards. If you’ve ever thought about visiting the area, I recommend this article on the best of Sonoma County.

I wanted this space to reflect its surroundings so the colors were inspired by the local landscape. I chose dark wood cabinets to match the oak floors and olive green cabinets to better show off the trees that grow all around.

Hues are rich and traditional, but the space also includes modern accents like marble-effect quartz, black hardware, gold light fixtures, and open shelving.

This kitchen is small, less than 12 feet from the refrigerator to the window, so I had to be smart with appliance and cabinet placement. I wanted to appeal to a wide range of buyers with the surfaces and the additional storage space.

Here’s a look at what I started with last year: outdated white cabinets, laminate countertops, a clumsy pantry, bulky tall cabinets over an oddly thin peninsula, old carpet and laminate flooring, and not much storage space.

The kitchen footprint stayed the same, but I made sensible changes. I made the peninsula deeper with cabinets and put the microwave there too. I kept the upper cabinets, but replaced two of them with glass fronts.

For a harmonious look, I decided on a chimney hood in the same wood tone. I was considering a drywall range hood, which is trending in kitchen design, but decided on a smaller stained angled hood to contrast with the white tile.

I desperately needed to move this pantry, so I designed the tall cabinets in the dining area to take its place. I figured the future owner might benefit from more storage space, so I also extended the lower cabinets into the dining area.

First some kitchen details. I used oblong matte black hardware on the drawers and doors, see source list below. I also added a small rail with hooks under the top cabinets for added utility.

The matte black faucet is modern and sleek, installed above the granite composite sink with a basin.

The tile is a textured 3×8-inch white glazed ceramic in a vertically stacked counter-to-ceiling offset pattern. I’ve wanted to install this pattern for a year and I love it in this space. White tiles are timeless, but the installation feels fresh.

The worktops are 3cm calacatta quartz with gray veining installed on both the surround cabinets and peninsula.

When choosing cabinet colors, the finish of the units is always a consideration, they must complement each other. Stainless steel, white, and black look great, but I put myself to the test with this project and chose slate appliances instead. They harmonize wonderfully with the wood stain and the olive color in the closet.

I was going through Home Depot looking at the options while spying on the GE Slate series and thought if I go for dark cabinets these will work really well. The finish on these devices is matte and feels muted and blended, as if they’re stepping back rather than trying to claim the limelight.

The cabinets are a mix of stained and painted in the kitchen and all stains throughout the dining area. I like how the floating shelves connect the two spaces.

Here’s a before and after!

And one more…

A dramatic difference, right?

My next kitchen remodel is taking me to Florida to adopt a completely different style. I’m excited!

Sonoma Kitchen Remodel Sources:

stained cabinets: eden classic in fieldstone / painted cabinets: eden artisan in jade*

waterproof oak plank floor / backsplash tile / quartz countertop /

Single Basin Composite Sink / Black Pull Out Faucet / Oak Tree Art / Landscape Art

Hardware: Knobs / Long Pulls / Medium Pulls / Closet Rail & Hooks

Freezer with slate counter/slide-in slate electric range

Slate Dishwasher / Slate Microwave with Cabinet Trim Kit

Flush mount lights / similar dining room lamps / dining room chandeliers

*Body color no longer available, closest color match is Sherwin Williams Cocoon.

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