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Attractive ceiling fans | Centsational style

I still have a lot of research and planning to do before I travel to Florida this summer and start the renovations. First we’re replacing some of the ceiling fans.

I learned to appreciate ceiling fans years ago when we owned real estate in Las Vegas and the summer heat often crept into the 100s. Coupled with air conditioning, they are a must to keep you comfortable during the day. In Northern California we had no real use for ceiling fans to aid in comfort, temperatures rarely reaching the 90’s even in summer.

Now that I’m getting used to Florida’s climate, everyone insists that ceiling fans are a must! Summer heat paired with high humidity becomes a whole new experience. My brother was also a California resident his entire life until he moved to Savannah, Georgia with his family eight years ago. He tells me to brace myself, the first summer is tough, but after that you acclimate. And definitely make sure you have fans!

I counted the ceiling fans in the house we just bought and it’s ten! Luckily the house has new air conditioning but ceiling fans are still a must in this part of the country so I replace most of them as they are old and outdated. I only remove the ones in the kitchen and bathrooms that I find a bit odd. If you saw the pictures I shared last week, you saw the bizarre 1980’s vaulted fluorescent light and ceiling fan combo in these rooms that drew a lot of comment.

This week we hired an electrician to remove the fluorescent bay fixtures and install small recessed bulbs in their place. He will also be replacing some of the ceiling fans in the common areas and bedrooms with more contemporary versions which I am currently looking for.

Ceiling fans have come a long way! I remember when the choices weren’t that fancy decades ago, but it’s a whole new world out there in ceiling fan design, we have so many good options now. Some favorites below!

Brass with limed blades

warm wood

Fans that add contrast or warmth

weathered wood

Minka Wood / Matte White & Wood

Maple LED / walnut & wood

Slim and unobtrusive

if you don’t want your fan to be in the spotlight

matte white

matte white with remote control / black spot

brushed nickel / white 3-sheet with light

Elegant brass

because if you’re looking for a touch of gold

white & brass fan

Wood with natural brass / satin brass finish with acrylic wings

Monte Carlo Brass / Black and Brass

Colorful and fun

if you want your fan to be playful

orange blades

mint & oak (also in pink) / blue LED

navy LED (also green) / mint LED (also grey)


when you need circulation on your covered porch or patio or cabana

black multiblade

black outdoor (multiple colors) / weathered wood & brass

White & natural wood / burnished brass

Alternate designs

for those who don’t want to see classic blades

curved propeller (also in silver)

semi-flush white / black semi-flush (also nickel)

Warm brass (also black)/whitewash semi-flush mount

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