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Weekend reading 15.5.22 | Centsational style

Strategic packing is the goal of this weekend! I’m flying to Spain on Tuesday and I’ve learned that the best way to travel light is to be very careful about what you bring. It takes a lot of thinking! I plan the outfit for each day and pack accordingly. Style matters and comfort is key! I always remember that I’ll be navigating train stations and cobblestone streets, so I bring as little as possible.

I have a fun art project to share this week and I’m uploading some articles to be published while I’m abroad. As I will be spending the summer renovating the home in Florida, I am looking forward to taking an international trip before this project begins. What trips are you planning this summer?

Favorite links of the week:

This Hamptons-inspired Melbourne home is layered predominantly in white.

This kitchen is proof that a marble slab backsplash will always make a statement.

If you like glamorous interiors, you will love this design studio’s portfolio.

The reinvention of luxury brand RH in San Francisco.

So easy and so cool! This DIY wooden ring trellis.

The science behind spotting a liar.

Top summer travel destinations according to Airbnb.

What a beautiful view of Portofino from this hotel.

On the plane to Barcelona I’m wearing this crew sweatshirt and jogging pants.

Ha ha what a great Martha impression creating a 4th of July “tablescape”.

Bravo to all who bravely create space in their lives.

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