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20 Summer Outdoor Activities | Centsational style

I posted this list last August, but I think it’s worth posting again at the start of summer as a reminder that sometimes you need to put your to-do list aside and live in the moment, especially when the perfect time of year has come .

Summers fly by and if we don’t slow down to enjoy them, they’ll be over in no time. I’m also posting this as a reminder to myself. I’ve been busy sourcing materials and coordinating contractors for a summer renovation in Florida. But embedded between projects and productivity, there should be presence. There will be a lot to do, but also a lot to taste, see and feel.

I came up with this list of outdoor activities last year. I like to think of them as spontaneous, playful and good for the soul. Consider incorporating some of these outdoor activities into your summer this year. 🙂


1. Bring pillows and blankets outside for a private listen to nature as day turns to night.

2. Gather wildflowers and weave them into a wreath or crown.

3. Take a lantern or flashlight for a twilight walk, choosing dirt paths instead of city streets.

4. Line dry clothes outside so they are fresh and smell like sunshine.

5. Go berry picking or a farmer’s market to buy fruit and make dessert that night.

6. Set up a tent in the backyard to read books or take a nap.

7. Take off your shoes on grass, sand or dirt to feel the earth beneath your feet.

8. Visit a local botanical garden in bloom.

9. Go on a scavenger hunt with friends or family in nature. Prizes awarded!

10. On a weekday, meet up with friends at a local park for a potluck or picnic lunch.

11. Let your kids be the boss for a day and do what they want to do around town.

12. Take a last-second road trip and stay somewhere you’ve never explored.

13. Host a summery cocktail party on your porch or patio for your favorite people.

14. Try a local restaurant you’ve never been to and people-watch while sitting outdoors.

15. Drive away from the city lights on a clear night to watch the stars.

16. When it’s quiet, count sounds you hear in nature and list: birds, breezes, anything natural.

17. Set the dining table outside every night for a week.

18. Invite a friend over for an evening stroll where you share your summer highlights so far.

19. Find a nearby lake or river to swim in and look up at the clouds.

20. Watch a sunset from the highest point you can find nearby.

What outdoor activities do you make a part of your summer each year?

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