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Weekend reading 6/19/22 | Centsational style

The last five days have been surreal and wonderful. I landed in Florida on Tuesday and if you’ve been following my stories on Instagram you can see that we were kicked off with remodeling projects starting with the electrician who removed the ghastly fluorescent monster lights I mentioned here. The tiler will start the bathroom floor next week, a local landscaper is helping me bring my Palm Springs-meets-coastal vibe to our plant beds, and the plumber is called in for not one but two bathroom remodels. It is great. The only thing that delays us by a few days is the arrival of the materials.

In the meantime, I’m selling the furniture that came with the house piece by piece so I can replace it with pieces that suit my style. I’ve already discovered the most incredible source of vintage finds (see my stories for the link) and I’m slowly redecorating the main living spaces and bedrooms in a ‘mid-century meets coastal with a touch of retro’ beach house style. The best part is that I’m living here in an older one story house in a completely different state, living at a much slower pace, looking at all the plants, driving unfamiliar roads, adjusting to the new community and climate and every minute enjoy. Everyone I’ve met is so friendly, so relaxed, so nice.

It’s not often in life that we’re pushed into a completely different environment, it only happens a few times. I can only think of two from my past, my first week in college and my first month with my newborn daughter. How dramatically life changed in a moment and here I am reliving that experience. It’s so different, it’s so interesting and it’s incredibly exciting.

More reflections will follow as this journey continues.

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