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I’ve been in Florida for a month and spent the first few weeks working with my laptop on a dining room table, then I finally got around to setting up a home office nook. When we bought this home, this room was a breakfast area, but since there is a dining room on the other side of the kitchen, I felt it was unnecessary to have a second one, so I turned the breakfast nook into a home office nook instead.

It’s a better use of this space, I can look out the front window and see what’s happening in my front yard. It also allows me to have three bedrooms as I don’t use one of those rooms as an office.

I mixed boho with Palm Beach style, added a simple white desk and bookcase, and used my own artwork to decorate it. The pastel palette of peach, pink and soft blue is inspired by the waters of the ocean and the sunset sky.

When I moved in, the apartment looked like this. The previous owner left a three piece set which is not my style and the ceiling fan was outdated.

I replaced the ceiling fan with an outdoor white cage light that also acts as a fan and creates a small breeze. The desk is just big enough for my laptop and a few accessories.

I found this great little tech cable organizer to hide USB cables and tied them together with colorful velcros. Now all my cords are in one place and I can charge while I work or overnight.

I wanted a lot of greenery, but I’m only decorating with artificial plants for now. Since I have to commute back and forth between Florida and California, it doesn’t make sense to invest in real houseplants just yet. Also, nowadays you can find great fakes!

I found some artificial plants on sale at Michaels and also at Target. Afloral is a great source for artificial plants and botanical stems. The art comes from my print shop, links below.

Leaf Study I / Bonita Beach / Cactus Fence

Additional sources:

55″ White Desk / White Metal Bookcase / Swing Arm Wall Lamp / Wall Frame / 4×6 Rug

pink and white vase / cord organizer box / matte white ceiling fan

blue sheer curtains / white sheer curtains / rattan chair / chair cushions

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