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From the simple to the stylish home with carpets

Interior designers have been using the same tricks over and over again for decades. Every time they achieve their goal of making every home cozy, comfortable and stylish.

What’s her secret? You will be surprised to know that the secret is in the small details. Take the carpets for example. They can change the look of the room and create an optical illusion of space. Not to mention they provide you with enough heat to reduce your electricity bills.

If you are looking for something unique with a fun pattern and vibrant colour, then the Novogratz rug may be the perfect choice for you. The following article will give you tips and tricks on how to style your home with rugs.


Play around with colors

When it comes to making your home stylish, you have to be bold and play with the colors. You have all the freedom in the world to choose everything from neutral colored rugs to pastels and deep rich colors like royal blue and emerald green.

Light carpets make the place look cozy and welcoming while dark carpets make the place around it look expensive and exclusive. Both color palettes can work wonders, but you need to know your ultimate goal for your home.

Not to mention the retro rugs with unique patterns and crazy colors. You can place them in your hallway, in front of your fireplace or in the center of the room to make them a centerpiece. Bold rugs easily become the accent of the room, and everything else should follow the vibe they exude, including art, ornaments, and pillowcases.



patterns and materials

Stripes and small dots are the best patterns for those who want something subtle but stay away from spill-style abstract patterns, especially on the neutral palette, as they can look dirty and blotchy.

On the other hand, stripes can make your space appear larger or smaller depending on how you place them. Tiny stains can make the rug a lot more unique, and the room will instantly get a spark that makes it ten times more attractive.

Carpets can be made of different materials. You can opt for eco-friendly materials to put in your living room or dining room, or you can opt for thicker, softer rugs that offer you a level of comfort.

Flatwoven rugs are the perfect option for kitchens and dining rooms as they are much easier to care for than thick rugs. Thicker rugs can be used in living rooms as they provide comfort and warmth as soon as you put your feet on them. Another great option is a thick, fluffy rug that will add the ultimate coziness.

Layers are best

If you want your home to be warm, you can layer your rugs on top of each other. Achieving a stylish home with a rug and a rug over it requires investing in both and finding the perfect combination.

The carpet is the base and should be neutral in color. Going for a lighter, neutral shade is your safest bet, but if you’re willing to risk it, you can mix and match different colors and maybe a pattern if you’re willing to risk it. Carpets can either be wall-to-wall style or extend 12 inches from the wall on all sides. This provides enough coverage to keep the room warm.

Next we have the rugs. Choosing a neutral rug gives you more freedom when shopping for a rug. You can go for a light colored area rug with a single color or choose a rug with a pattern and multiple colors. Retro area rugs are also great as a second layer.

Connect your room with rugs

If you have a larger house, it’s effortless to make each room different from the others. But if you want to tie spaces together and make your home feel like a whole, investing in rugs that match the area can be a good place to start. You can either choose the same rugs or rugs with similar patterns and colors. Connecting the rooms is a great idea and many stylish homes have it, but it also works great for open floor plans where rooms aren’t separated by walls.

Laying out rugs on different areas of your floor can be a great way to mark those spots and separate them from the rest. You can achieve this look by placing a rug under the coffee table and sofa, under the dining table and in the hallway next to the shoe rack. Placing smaller rugs in front of the fireplace, bookshelves, and under potted plants is also a great way to accent the space and create a great conversation starter.

From simple to stylish

After reading this, you will probably find out how to incorporate a rug into your living room decor! And by following these tips, you can be sure that it will look fabulous.

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