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Weekend reading 8.7.22 | Centsational style

I’ve enjoyed being back in California, it’s warm but I’ve always loved the month of August here and the transition from summer to fall season. The fans hum from night to morning and we sleep late. Only two weeks until school starts!

This week I’ve been busy helping my daughter prepare for her cross country trip as she goes to college. We make lists and decide what to pack, what to ship, and what to buy in New England. It’s bittersweet, but I’m so happy for her!

Favorite links of the week:

How to whitewash butcher block countertops and shelves.

This mid-century beach shack in Victoria that you can rent.

This family apartment in Paris.

The Hilfiger Palm Beach estate.

This basement laundry room renovation.

Outdoor areas in the French countryside.

Vertical siding in multiple styles.

Paper bags on a mantel.

Tips for washing a baseball cap.

Four questions to ask to find your purpose.

Made me laugh: the email response we all want to send.

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