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Asymmetric Sculptural Vessels | Centsational style

This week is my third pottery making lesson at a local studio and I am so inspired by the medium and artists my teacher introduced me to. Many of them create abstract or asymmetrical vessels, which I find very appealing. I will try to create something similar before my 8 week course ends.

In the meantime, I bought a double set of abstract water drop vases for my mantel. They’re available individually here, but cheaper in this set of two on Amazon. These twins help transition my living room from summer to fall with a few dry blades of grass I cut from the garden.

I’ve been researching striking sculptural beauties for my own inspiration files for my class. Below are a few to entice you into adding one to your collection. They’re so alluring on their own that they could easily eclipse their botanical uses.

structured summary

Stoneware planter

postures vase

Nordic U Vase

ceramic shaft

paper bags

Free form bowl

Mooney vase

natural wave

sculptural ceramic vases

beaten eggs

white leaves

tapered boho vases

Drift Vanilla

Paper clay vessels

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