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Choosing the best project management tool


Project management may be one of the vaguest roles in a company, but it is key to a company’s long-term success. Luckily for project management teams and collaborators out there, there is an arsenal of tools that can help you.

Project management tools are very valuable resources for the entire organization when it comes to keeping track of progress. For example, if you are involved in a construction project from planning to execution, project management tools will help you and your colleagues monitor the status of your construction site in an orderly and objective manner.

Efficiency is the most basic goal of project management tools. Studies have shown that companies that use the services of project management software or tools save 28 times more money than companies that don’t.

Therefore, taking the time to evaluate and select the best project management tool for your organization is a crucial hour that should be invested.

Project Management Tools

Choosing the right tool also involves understanding the capabilities and uses of project management tools. These tools are used by project management teams in many companies as they help you facilitate and organize projects with ease.

Projects are a complex process that includes many different phases. These tools help plan, manage, and more importantly, optimize these different phases. There are many project management tools out there, each with their selling points, but the best ones out there share a few similar features.

Task tracking and assignment

The most basic but useful aspect would be tracking and assigning tasks to increase efficiency.

Parent-Child Projects

Large projects often require the division and delegation of tasks to a secondary smaller project, often referred to as a child project.


Teamwork is arguably the most valuable asset there is, and project management tools can benefit from creating a framework that is efficient and allows for easy collaboration between team members.

document release

The digitization of information means that platforms need to have the means to enable easy access to information, and document sharing is one of the many ways that make this possible.

Why are they important

Project management tools are a valuable resource for many different reasons. The main goal of these tools is to ensure efficiency in all aspects of the project. Projects are performed using a variety of resources, and each resource has a cost. Efficiency ensures that these costs are kept as low as possible to avoid unnecessary waste of resources.

These tools help managers and also team members to organize and track the progress of projects. In addition, these tools enable team members to communicate efficiently and objectively on matters related to the project.

How to choose the best project management tool

1. Determine your project requirements

With a wide range of different software to choose from, identifying your needs and prioritizing them is the best way to thin out your options. All software has the basic tools that a project management tool should offer, but some excel in a particular area or even bring entirely unique solutions to unique problems.

Ensuring that a tool can provide a solution to your problem is key to choosing a good project management tool. This prevents you from choosing a tool that might have powerful features but won’t solve your project’s problems.

2. Research the best project management tools

With an idea of ​​what is needed, it is time to search the internet for software that can solve problems that need solving. Alternatively, a good way to gather opinions is to ask around what types of tools other people have used.

Making a list of the pros and cons of different potential software is also a good way to narrow down your choices until you finally have the right tool in mind.

3. Test your options

Just as shows often have a pilot episode, piloting your tool of choice is also a great way to make sure you’re getting what you need. Most software programs come with free trial versions, and taking advantage of these free resources is always a good decision.

From this testing phase, you can gather more information about your options and weigh the pros and cons to better understand what they offer.

4. Collect feedback

As a manager, conducting assessments can be a difficult decision, and getting feedback from your team members often provides valuable insights you may have missed. There is no difference when it comes to making a decision about which software to use.

Gathering feedback from your employees piloting different software can give you valuable insight into what they like and find awkward about certain software.

Your team’s opinion matters because after all, it’s the people who interact and benefit most from project management tools.

5. Evaluate the costs

One of the main goals of these tools is to create efficiencies in resource usage, resulting in lower costs. Coming back to this principle, it is only right that the costs of using a project management tool are also reasonable.

Implementing these tools takes time and money—resources that are valuable to a business. Ensuring that the benefits to resource management outweigh the costs of using software should be a determining factor in your decision making.

6. Buy and implement

With the software in mind and after all the costs and feedback have been evaluated, you can now buy the software. The important part comes after that. Implementation is key to get your team up and running with it.

Establishing a time frame in which training and integration will be conducted will help your team take advantage of the software.

project management tool


Project management tools are a great way to create an efficient work environment to optimize the progress of a project. With a wide range of tools available, choosing the right tool might seem like a daunting task, but it is actually worth it.

The guidelines above provide you with a framework to follow to narrow down your options and ultimately choose the right software. In the future, remember to do reviews along the way to identify issues and other potential software to investigate as well.

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