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Easy fall DIY projects using real leaves

September is here, which means the trees will be giving us plenty of leaves very soon. Bringing them indoors and decorating with them creates a cozy atmosphere in your home.

I’m always drawn to projects that are simple and beautiful. Below is a collection of creative DIY projects that you can do in a short amount of time using nature’s resource: fall leaves. For many of these you could substitute artificial leaves, but if you can find the real thing for free, use them!

spray painted copper sheets

better houses and gardens

glitter leaf garland

sixth school of street design

photo display

leaves streamers

threaded leaves

this mother

light strand

Bowl of autumn leaves

pressed framed sheets

so much better with age

Leaf stamped napkins

everything g&d

wax preserved leaves

martha stewart

become artistic


Mantel Garland

Tableware made of metallic clay leaves

best ideas for kids

Store window


and two from my archive…

leaf glow

and leafy pumpkins

Nice weekend !


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