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Weekend reading 11/9/22 | Centsational style

This week I finished the fall art collection and next month I’ll start another one for the holiday season. I love being creative in a variety of ways, from art to pottery to fabric design and DIY projects. Creativity is a great source of joy in my life and it’s so nice to have a space to share it with all of you!

I’m working on more projects this week, a piece of furniture and a decorative idea for festive table settings. In the meantime, behind the scenes, I’m picking new carpets for the family home and painting rooms that need updating. We’ve put a lot of maintenance on hold and it’s time to make the necessary upgrades. I’ll share them as they happen. 🙂

Favorite links of the week:

Gorgeous contrasts, textures, and wood tones in this Arizona home tour.

So many elegant touches in this home renovation.

Chic and cheap: This chest of drawers made of root wood is impressive.

This light and bright A-frame cab conversion.

Cheerful colors and patterns have completely transformed this small balcony.

What happens to the monarchy’s money after the death of the Queen?

100 women walking distance alone.

The triangle in conversation.

A helpful mantra to strengthen your marriage/partnership.

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