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Ceramicist to bookmark | Centsational style

I’m in week 6 of my 8 week ceramics course at a local studio and I’m very inspired by what I’ve learned. I have studied different types of clay, different construction methods, and the firing and glazing processes. I have a renewed appreciation for the medium and the amount of time and talent that goes into creating functional and sculptural ceramics. My next class will be all about how to throw the wheel, I look forward to learning this technique.

Lately I’ve discovered some talented artists that I wanted to introduce you to that you may not know. Take a look at their portfolios and online stores and consider them sources for gifts for the upcoming holiday season. Everyone has their own unique style, I’m sure you’ll want to bookmark/pin a few favorites.

Gina Zycher ceramics

Paula Casella

Tamara Bryan ceramics

Lisa Flemming ceramics

Sunshine Cobb

Oksana Berda

Hannah Karim

Cote Garcia

Mammoth & Minnow

Virginia sin

If you know or shop from experienced ceramic artists, please share them in the comments. I’m always looking for new sources and inspiration!

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