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Weekend reading 18.9.22 | Centsational style

Weekend reading 18.9.22

By Kate Riley September 18, 2022

Rainy day greetings from Northern California. We’ve had 24 hours of rain and everyone here breathes a sigh of relief, the humidity prevents wildfires, so everyone is thankful for the rain!

While it’s drizzling outside, I’m painting some cabinets today. I have a fun decorative DIY project to share inspired by my newfound passion for working with clay. Look for it this week!

Favorite links of the week:

This charming cottage surf retreat.

This newly built modern farmhouse on a hill.

This elegant English style getaway in Nova Scotia.

This temporary Tudor home in Virginia.

Defining the Japanese philosophy of Hodo Hodo in design.

This pumpkin-shaped Jalapeno Cheese Ball is perfect for fall game days.

How to upcycle an old candle.

Five home depot saving tips.

A month of one pot dinners.

Have you ever thought about a private travel club? Some affordable options here.

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