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Lighting solution: battery powered wall lamps

Hello and Happy New Year! My vacation was relaxed, I joined some friends for a glass of prosecco and then at ten I was lying on the couch in my pajamas. I think the holiday can be fun in warm weather but it has been raining so much here that I just wanted to stay indoors.

Going back to the regular content, you can expect more of the same from me this year. More space reveals, DIY projects, resource summaries, travel stories and other reflections on life thrown into the mix. I’m going back to Florida later this week to get the house ready for a renter. We rent the house from mid-January to May, so I have a few projects to finish before that happens. While our family was home for Thanksgiving, I remodeled the electric fireplace and added wicker chairs and a coffee table to the living room. The sofa is coming next week.

For the walls, I wanted sconces, but didn’t want to pay an electrician to come out and install boxes for wired lights at the time. Instead, I opted for battery operated wall lights to give the room just a little extra lighting for reading at night or sitting by the fire.

I was surprised at how much I liked the fabrics I ordered, they are a semi-cylinder linen finish with a remote control and multiple light settings, warm, cool etc. They also have timer settings so they turn off when I use them program to. Their minimalist style blends into the cream wall, when off they don’t draw any attention, so they’re perfect for this space.

You can find many plug in sconces for walls but I didn’t want to look at cords so the only option besides adding cords was to buy battery powered wall sconces and thankfully there are a lot more choices now.

modern wood rechargeable / wood & black (set of 2)

black arch (set of 2) also in bronze / brass picture light with remote control

rechargeable magnetic light

The lights below are available in sets of two and are operated with a single remote control. So if you want to add extra light to a bedroom, hallway, living room, child’s room, dining room, office, garage or just about anywhere, consider these battery operated wall lights for your home.

black and gold gooseneck / wood + green (several colors)

white swan neck / brass torchiere / black swan neck

modern cylinder in wood & white / black & brass / brass

If you don’t like these styles, consider hanging a wall light that’s hardwired where there’s no power source and use battery-powered, remote-controlled lightbulbs. Be sure to check the inside of the wall light to make sure the battery operated bulbs fit inside!

For example: potter’s barn shaded sconces + remote controlled battery bulbs

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