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DIY Sculpted Branch Candelabra |  Centsational style

As I have mentioned several times, my newest passion is sculpting with clay. My eight week ceramics class inspired my newfound hobby, so getting my hands on clay to shape into molds is a bit of an obsession right now. I wanted to create a candelabra for future festive table settings that is ...

Weekend reading 18.9.22 |  Centsational style

Weekend reading 18.9.22 By Kate Riley • September 18, 2022 Rainy day greetings from Northern California. We've had 24 hours of rain and everyone here breathes a sigh of relief, the humidity prevents wildfires, so everyone is thankful for the rain! While it's drizzling outside, I'm painting some ...

Ceramicist to bookmark |  Centsational style

I'm in week 6 of my 8 week ceramics course at a local studio and I'm very inspired by what I've learned. I have studied different types of clay, different construction methods, and the firing and glazing processes. I have a renewed appreciation for the medium and the amount of time and talent ...

DIY: Faux Stone Accent Table

Sometimes when I'm walking down the aisles of hardware stores, I get creative ideas like these wicker plant stands or these table leg candle holders. It happened again. I was in the garden section and spotted some curved resin planters and thought if I put two together they would make a nice base ...

Weekend reading 11/9/22 |  Centsational style

This week I finished the fall art collection and next month I'll start another one for the holiday season. I love being creative in a variety of ways, from art to pottery to fabric design and DIY projects. Creativity is a great source of joy in my life and it's so nice to have a space to share ...

Easy fall DIY projects using real leaves

September is here, which means the trees will be giving us plenty of leaves very soon. Bringing them indoors and decorating with them creates a cozy atmosphere in your home. I'm always drawn to projects that are simple and beautiful. Below is a collection of creative DIY projects that you can do ...

Autumn Art Print Collection |  Centsational style

September greetings! Today I'm sharing the new art prints I've added to my Etsy shop as a fall collection!I was in big creativity mode last week painting, editing, printing and framing all these fall beauties! I was inspired by seasonal fall leaves, classic still lifes and modern pastels. Below ...

Weekend reading 4/9/22 |  Centsational style

I've been spending extra hours at my local pottery studio this week working on making vessels by hand using molds and templates. It's a quiet common space to work in and I'm so glad I discovered it! I'm learning all about glazes and different coloring techniques, it was a nice experience to be ...

Autumn Wallpapers for Your Tech (Free Downloads)

Hello September! It's time for new seasonal wallpapers for your desktop, laptop, tablets and phones! Below are five new styles I've created, all free downloads, available in four formats. The 16×9 ratio works for most desktop monitors and the 16×10 ratio fits laptop screens. Links to wallpapers ...

The most common breakdowns of a refrigerator

The refrigerator is perhaps the most coveted and loved household appliance in every household. Just think how many times a day you open the door of a fridge in search of something tasty. And we're so used to having our groceries safe and on hand that we just can't imagine life any other way. And ...

Choosing the best project management tool

introductionProject management may be one of the vaguest roles in a company, but it is key to a company's long-term success. Luckily for project management teams and collaborators out there, there is an arsenal of tools that can help you.Project management tools are very valuable resources for the ...

5 must-have items for first-time owners

When you move into your first home, there are many things that you need to buy. A purchased house does not arrive fully furnished; Therefore, in addition to buying a house, you also have to sort your furniture selection. This should definitely be done before you move in, so that you don't have ...

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